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Hear Me Code

Hear Me Code

Free, beginner-friendly coding classes for women, by women

Watch this instead

Watch this instead

See whether the movie you're about to watch passes the Bechdel Test. If it doesn't, it'll suggest a higher-rated movie in the same genre for you to watch instead

Art Games

Play the art games

Discover art from museums around the world by playing games

Shut That Down

Who's funding hate in your state?

A collection of misogynist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and transphobic quotes by politicians, media figures, and other public figures -- and who's giving them money

Python Lessons, Code Samples, Exercises, Resources

Python lessons

If you're new to coding, this is a great place to start

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All of my projects are open-source.

View my portfolio on Github

View my portfolio on Github


Schools and universities with active Title IX investigations

Schools and universities that have Clery Act reports or Title IX consent agreements

Sexual Assault Crisis Hotlines



These schools reported zero sexual assaults between 2010-2012. Are they taking sexual assault seriously, or sweeping it under the rug?