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art_type: Dish
artist: Unknown
museum: Victoria and Albert Museum
title: Untitled
from_api: Victoria and Albert Museum
source: Victoria and Albert Museum
image_url: http://media.vam.ac.uk/media/thira/collection_images/2010EA/2010EA9284.jpg
date: 918-1392 (made)
Fuchi with Puppies
art_type: shakudo (?) nigurome (?), gold
description: Three puppies are depicted playing with flowers and a shell on a string. This is part of a set with Walters 51.1109.
artist: Japanese
museum: Walters Museum
title: Fuchi with Puppies
from_api: Walters Museum
source: Walters Museum
image_url: http://static.thewalters.org/images/PS3_51.1108_Fnt_DD_JP09.jpg
date: n.d.
external_url: http://art.thewalters.org/detail/26662

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