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Relief with Winged Genius
art_type: alabaster
description: The genius was a benevolent deity, who also had a protective function. His elaborate garments, with intricate depictions of animal hunts and ritual scenes along the edges, are the typical apparel of courtiers in the palace of King Ashurnasirpal II. This relief has a royal inscription of Ashurnasirpal II carved directly over the figure, in which the ruler boasts of his military campaigns.
artist: Assyrian
museum: Walters Museum
title: Relief with Winged Genius
from_api: Walters Museum
source: Walters Museum
image_url: http://static.thewalters.org/images/PS1_21.9_Fnt_DD_T06.jpg
date: 883-859 BC
external_url: http://art.thewalters.org/detail/33507
Nogaku zue
art_type: pigments on mulberry paper
description: When a piece of cloth is removed from a frame construction on stage, the tree spirit is revealed. It addresses a wandering Buddhist priest: The willow tree . . . has encountered The holy Law, the teaching Of Amida, who guides Even the crooked Straight to Paradise. The spirit hopes that the priest, by reciting the name of the Buddha Amida, will help it attain rebirth in Amida's Western Paradise.
artist: Sakamaki Kogyo (Japanese, 1869-1927)
museum: Walters Museum
title: Nogaku zue
from_api: Walters Museum
source: Walters Museum
image_url: http://static.thewalters.org/images/PS3_95.270_Fnt_DD_JP09.jpg
date: 1899
external_url: http://art.thewalters.org/detail/6993

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