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Scene of a Regatta, Venice
art_type: oil on board
description: Smith was born on St. Paul Street, Baltimore. He trained initially as an engineer but later taught himself to paint in watercolors. He traveled extensively, producing watercolors which were reproduced in deluxe "travel books," such as "Gondola Days" (1897) and "The Venice of To-Day" (1897) as well as various magazines. He was also the author of many popular books. The Walters Art Museum owns several studies related to this work.
artist: Francis Hopkinson Smith (American, 1838-1915)
museum: Walters Museum
title: Scene of a Regatta, Venice
from_api: Walters Museum
source: Walters Museum
image_url: http://static.thewalters.org/images/PS1_37.2583_Fnt_DD_T13.jpg
date: 19th century
external_url: http://art.thewalters.org/detail/5478
Kachina Mask (Salomopea Thluptsena)
art_type: False
artist: She-we-na (Zuni Pueblo)
title: Kachina Mask (Salomopea Thluptsena)
from_api: brooklyn
source: Brooklyn Museum
image_url: http://cdn2.brooklynmuseum.org/images/opencollection/objects/size4/03.325.4676_bw.jpg
date: 1868-1900, late 19th century
external_url: http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/opencollection/objects/131394/Kachina_Mask_Salomopea_Thluptsena

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